Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jury Rejects Pathetic Loser Defense

Nicholas Grunke, one of the three Cassville men arrested in 2006 for attempted grave robbery with necrophiliac intent, was finally convicted today (after an earlier mis-trial).

The defense tried to argue that he was just a shy young man with no girlfriends who wanted to pose the body in a nonsexual way.

Right. Because shy men with no girlfriends who exhume female corpses couldn't possibly mean any harm.

Asshole. I'm glad they caught him before he started preying on live women.


Deekaman said...

Very creepy. He needs to go away for a really long time. Maybe forever.

Ordinary Jill said...

Unfortunately, he'll be out in a few years.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised he only gets 3 years extended supervision after being released; seems like it should be much longer. I predict his 2 year prison term will be pretty miserable once the other inmates get wind of what he did. So is he going to go on an internet dating site and list necrophilia as one of his interests? Pathetic.