Sunday, August 15, 2010

Marijuana Farmers Stimulate Northern Wisconsin Economy

Last week, we learned of a major drug bust in northern Wisconsin.  A major marijuana farm was hidden in the Chequamegon-Nicolet national forest.  It is believed to be the work of a Mexican drug cartel. The cartels in recent years have begun growing their product closer to their markets, eliminating the need for risky border crossings.  The Wisconsin State Journal article made a point of mentioning that these Mexican growers bought supplies and equipment locally:
They followed one suspect to a Fleet Farm in Green Bay, where he purchased six pairs of pruning shears. They watched another man purchase 9 mm ammunition at a nearby Wal-Mart, documents said.
The marijuana was processed locally, at a house in Seymour. At least 12 men have been arrested in connection with the operation. An unnamed informant (who may or may not be among the dozen men facing charges) said he was living in California several months ago when he was recruited to work on a ranch.

I was amazed to learn that commercial grades of marijuana can be grown in Wisconsin.  I always assumed that, should pot be legalized, it would mainly benefit states like California and Hawaii.  However, this shows that there is a lucrative market for pot grown in the Badger state.

I will be interested to learn how many people were actually employed in this illegal operation.  Imagine if legitimate Wisconsin farmers could grow marijuana, employing local people and spending the profits locally, rather than wiring it to California and Mexico.  Imagine the sales tax revenue for the state.

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JaySelthofner said...

With cannabis laws changing from coast to coast, will Wisconsin be left behind or benefit the most?

I personally think Wisconsin can benefit the most. I am running for State Assembly on the platform of full legalization. Voters and other candidates agree reform is needed.

Industrial Hemp should be in the farmers tool box, just like medical marijuana should be in the hands of patients. Recreational cannabis is by far safer than alcohol or nicotine, prohibition just does not work.

Wisconsin can help secure our borders and protect our public lands by supplying the nation's cannabis supply.

Please visit the campaign website at to learn more.