Thursday, October 1, 2009

Equal Opportunity Violence at Wiggie's

Defying the stereotype that getting drunk and striking others with a pool cue is strictly a male pasttime, a 28-year-old woman went to town at Wiggie's last week and started swinging the cue around again this week before she was finally arrested. Apparently, the male victim from the 24th didn't feel the need to report the incident before, despite needing stitches.

That makes the fourth crime incident at Wiggie's to make the paper this year, and I'm starting to see a pattern. The male patrons seem to favor guns (either shooting them out the window or using them to rob a patron in the bathroom), while the women like some kind of wooden club (baseball bat or pool cue).

Maybe Dave Wiganowski should sponsor a women's la crosse team.


Dan said...

Darn, i used to hang out at Wiggies when I lived in Madison (on Hooker Ln. Only in Madison)
Then, it was a nice quiet bar but i guess that has changed.

Ordinary Jill said...

It had its violent moments even 20 years ago. However, putting the Madison Metro northside transfer station more or less next door on Huxley Street seems to have put Wiggie's on the map for some less savory characters.

I thought Hooker Lane was in Maple Bluff? Guess not.

Dan said...

No, Hooker is off of Sherman, just north of Aberg.

Ordinary Jill said...

Yes, I know where it is; I just wasn't sure of the municipal boundaries. For a few blocks, the north side of North Sherman is in Maple Bluff (their Village Hall is on North Sherman). I used to know some folks who lived in Maple Bluff, not too far from Hooker Lane.